20 Unforgettable Secrets About Born Identity

Matt Damon’s fight scene in “The Born Identity”: Live from E! Rewind

Jason Bourne may have forgotten that he was for the spell, but at least his crazy fighting skills were still intact when he figured it out.

It’s been 20 years since the release Born identity, Matt DamonThe first outing as a CIA assassin, created by Robert Ludlam, who hunted for amnesia from the Mediterranean and soon discovered all sorts of reasons why his ex-boyfriend would prefer to remain silent for good.

Despite already being an Oscar-winning screenwriter and nominated actor GoodwillIt was Lean, his first outing as a mini-driving machine that gave Damon the status of an action-hero and secured a $ 1 billion franchise for him to call his own.

Not that there were obviously all the right parts for a top-notch, high-brow spy thriller that was short-sighted that ensured any kind of success. After all, it’s not that Damon was the first choice to play the perfect spy. Or as soon as the screenplay started, the screenplay was over. Either they stayed on the budget or the release date had to be postponed several times.

Heck, it wasn’t even the first production Boundary Extreme.

From the casting process to the chaos which means the visionary director will be Doug Lyman No. From a secret agent of extraordinary power to an intelligent every-guy to a credible brooding secret agent coming back for any sequel to what Damon did, here are 20 unforgettable secrets. Born identity:

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1. Matt Damon Jason Bourne was not the first on screen.

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