American Got Talent saxophone player Terry Crew’s tears move in Must-See

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Nothing can stop this saxophone player from making it America has talent The stage

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Terry yelled from the stage to the judge’s table, “No need to vote!”

“Avery Dixon, you have touched the heart of every person in this building right now,” he said. “And I want to tell you, man, you’ve been bullying all your life, but you tell every bully that you have an older brother named Terry Cruz who is here, who’s behind you. And you have to see all those bullies succeed, friend. . “

Avery, 21, shared before her Golden-Market worthy performance that she was bullied throughout elementary school for her voice and the shape of her head.

“My primary school nickname was ‘Hammerhead’ because I had this knot in my head because I was premature,” Avery said during the episode. “I was born at 1 pound, 8 ounces and my vocal cords are not closed by all means. So that really makes my voice airy. “

He added, “Someone called me a frog and he would joke and get into class. It was relentless, and I was in such a dark place, I really wanted to commit suicide … That’s when I started learning how to play. “

The musician brought tears to the eyes of many on the judging panel and the audience with his story.

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