Ant Hansted says son Hudson, 2, ‘last thing’ taken away from Christina Hack

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Ant Anstead43, do not want to take her 2-year-old son Hudson Away from the former Christina Hack38, despite filing a request for full custody on April 28. The ant cleared the air about the drama in response to a comment under his latest Instagram post on May 25th. “Don’t take Hudson away from his mother. Forgive yourself, Ant,” one user wrote under a selfie that the father of three shared his and his two older children, Amelie, 18, and Archie, 15. The comment can be viewed. Here. The Celebrity IOU: Joyride The host replied, “Huh? Who told you that? That’s the last thing I want!” He added, “(Don’t trust the click bet press) x.”

Hollywoodlife had earlier confirmed that Ant had submitted court documents to give him full custody of Hudson. In the document, she claims Christina is an incompetent mother who does not take proper care of her son’s needs. In court documents obtained by Our weekly, He gave a specific example when Christina apparently threw Hudson to her without revealing that she had tested positive for her Covid-19. “At this time, my partner [Renée Zellweger] Was filming his new project and his covid diagnosis put the whole production on hold, “he said in the document. Instagram Post in 2021.

“It simply came to our notice then.

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