Ashanti’s uplifting message for kids will let you celebrate beauty

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Ashanti hopes to take families away from her debut children’s book with her title, she discusses lessons My name is a story.

Ashanti will inspire kids with unique names in the new book

the turmoil He remembers his childhood like it was yesterday.

Long before she performed huge hits like “Foolish” and “Rock With You” for thousands of fans, the 41-year-old was just a young girl in school who didn’t always feel like she fit in.

“Growing up with a unique name, there were moments like that,” Ashanti shared exclusively with E! the news “I remember having circle time and the teacher calling out names. Kids will go, ‘Why doesn’t his name sound like this or that?’

The experiences inspired Ashanti to write her first children’s book my name is a story An empowering story about a girl who learns to love her unique name. It’s a journey Ashanti knows well.

“My name originated in Ghana,” he explained. “When you travel outside the country, sometimes women are considered low on the totem pole. But there is a tribe called the Ashanti, and in this particular tribe women run things. It means woman of strength and I thought it suited me.”

Although the musician thought she was offering a book to celebrate children with unconventional names, Ashanti hopes the story speaks to more people than she imagined.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for Essence

“I want it to resonate with kids who don’t necessarily have a unique name so that they know they can’t make fun of someone who has a unique name and that it’s okay if that name isn’t familiar to you,” he says.

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