Basketball star Sedona Prince and TikToker Riley LeGlou broke up after more

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Sedona Prince and Riley LeGlou are going their separate ways.

Former couple—who Popular personality on TikTok—recently shared that they decided to break up after dating for over a year. In a joint video shared on Sedona’s channel on July 31, the pair got emotional as they shared their decision to split.

“We split up, kind of, at best,” College basketball star. “It was a mutual decision…and we’re very at peace with it. We just felt we weren’t growing as individuals. And we felt it was our responsibility and obligation to tell you because we share our relationship so much on this app. And to tell you why we won’t be in each other’s videos anymore.”

Riley, who held back tears as she spoke, added that they are still on good terms despite the breakup. “We still have so much love for each other and we appreciate you sharing our love for the past year and a half,” Riley said. “And for those of you who are supporting, we appreciate you so much.”

Of their romance, Sedona shared that it’s been “such an incredible journey over the past year and a half.” As she told her followers: “It’s been so much fun sharing our relationship with you and you’ve been so incredible, and I’m blessed to have such a great relationship.”

After their upload, Sedona wrote a message to TikTokers asking for privacy in her comments section. “Please, please, please let us handle this privately and on our own terms,” ​​he wrote.

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