Beyonc নতুন’s new song “Break My Soul” will impress you

Kardashian’s emergency meeting, dinner with Bay and Kelly turned out to be fun

BeyoncIts new single simply Flawless.

On June 20, Bay dropped the first single “Break My Soul” from his high anticipation Seventh studio album, Renaissance-And within hours of its release, it was already clear that he had an injury to his hand. The nearly five-minute track also features a sample of Robin S’s 1993 song, “Show Me Love” and an interpolation from Big Frieder’s 2014 single, “Explosion”.

“Now, I’m just in love, and I’ve quit my job,” she sang. “I’m going to find new drives, damn, they work very hard for me / work between nine, then five o’clock / and they work my nerves, so I can’t sleep at night.”

Elsewhere on the track, she sang, “Bay is back, and I’m getting a good night’s sleep.” (So ​​that every Behavior member can Of course Agree).

“I can’t believe Beyonc really served our Break My Soul,” said one person Tweet, Added, “We won.” Meanwhile, another Wrote“It’s normal for Beyonc to go beyond expectations. “Break My Soul” is an absolute vibration. “

“Break My Soul” debuted less than a week after the Grammy winner was announced Latest album, RenaissanceWill drop 29 July.

Hours after her announcement, the singer also revealed that she enjoyed the cover Enjoy the British. Features of the publication, Editor-in-Chief Edward Eninfull shared those fans One can expect “a thrilling abundance” of music coming their way.

“Flying voices and loud beats come together and in a split second I am returned to the club of my youth,” he wrote.

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