Brittany and Patrick Mahoms are expecting a baby number 2

Patrick Mahoms and Brittany Mathews married!

Family of four.

Brittany And Patrick Mahomes Announced on Instagram they are expecting their second child.

The Newlyweds Shared a photo of their 15-month-old daughter Sterling A pink T-shirt later read, “I have a secret to tell you.” Standing among her parents, the child also held a sign that read, “The responsibility of the baby sister is coming soon.”

In another picture, Current family of three They smiled as they held an ultrasound picture.

“Episode Two” Couple photo captionsWhich was shared on their Instagram grid on May 29th.

Just last month, Brittany Has acted humbly about her future motherhood plans A time Q&A episode on Instagram Where he bombarded the question of the child.

“Okay, you really came here to have another baby,” he responded April 5, adding, “We still don’t know for sure! You all need to calm down.”

However, she told a fan that having her “best friend” with her constantly is one of the best parts of being a mom.

“She makes me happiest and even in my worst days I really love being with her and doing something with her.” He said about Sterling. “I love seeing him grow up every day and start being able to do something on my own!”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

The news of the big baby comes from Britney and two months later Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Knot tied At a glittering ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.

“Brittany and Patrick’s wedding day was so peaceful and fun,” A source told EK privately!

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