Cardi B and Offset Kiss on stage at the Wireless Festival when she grabs him with the game

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Front row Cardi B and Offset Coral Gurung Show, Front Row, Fall Winter 2018, New York Fashion Week, USA - 11 February 2018

Cardi B and Offset share a sweet kiss on stage at the Wireless Festival in London when she grabs him as she plays.  Photo: Cardi B, Offset, Belkalis Marlenis Almanzar, Kiari Central Cefas, Migos Ref: SPL5325007 080722 Non-Exclusive Photo: Splash News & Pictures USA: + 1-310-548-548) 812 3764 166 World rights

SANTA MONICA, CA - * EXCLUSIVE * - Cardi B begins celebrating her 29th birthday in Giorgio Baldy, Santa Monica, with her husband offset and family.  Cardi is very animated because she has come out stunning in an all-purple monochromatic look.  Photo: Cardi B, Offset Backgrid USA 11 October 2021 USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: +44 208 344 2007 / * UK Children's Pix Contact Clients *

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Cardi b And Offset Surprise fans with some serious PDAs at the Wireless Festival in London on July 8th! 29 years old “WAP” wrapper She was joined by her husband, 30, who sang “Drip” alongside her Migos hit “Bad and Boozy”. Next, the two lean towards an emotional smooch, which occupies the back edge of the offset card. Cardi wore a skin-tight black mesh bodysuit for her Friday night performance with dozens of extra-large sequins and beads hanging from it. A glossy patch covered her chest. Offset, for her part, wears patterned skinny jeans and an orange sweater jacket with nothing underneath.

Cardi B and offsetCardi B and Offset share a steamy kiss after surprising fans in London by performing together at the Wireless Festival (Photo: SplashNews)

After the performance, Cardi took her husband to Instagram to yell Meg Thi Stallion To help make the opening night of the festival a success. “Let me say something..Wireless Long SSS Stage is not a joke !!! You need a lot of patience. Thanks to Megan Million Megan @theestallion and Hobington @offsetyrn for rock with me !! ” He is enthusiastic exclaimed As well as several videos of his set. At the end of the carousel, however, was a clip from Miley CyrusThe 2014 Bangers Tour, at which he announced, “I’m back, Madarf-Kars. […] The king wanted to kill me! I’m not going down without the Madarf-King war! ” It is not clear why the “Malibu” singer was included in the post.

Cardi B and offsetCardi B and Offset Cardi performed several songs together during the headline set (Photo: SplashNews)

Cardi B and Offset are no strangers to publicly declaring their love for each other.

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