Chelsea Clinton Calls for GOP ‘Mass Attack on Trans Kids and Their Parents’

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Chelsea Clinton A virtual press conference called the law “attacking” the trans community with his mother Hillary September 6, new show promotion brave on AppleTV+. Chelsea, 42, spoke to HollywoodLife and called for legislation from Republicans against members of the LGBTQ+ community, especially transgender children.

His mother’s response to the Supreme Court has followed Reversal of Roe v. Wade Emphasizing the need for women to be “brave” and make their voices heard, Chelsea warned of what this could mean for other issues. “It’s not just a reversal of Roe v. Wade. This is an attack on an honest telling of American history. It’s an attack on who is supposed to be able to educate children, it’s an attack on parents who want their children to receive the best care possible, including gender-affirming care,” she said. “So this is a huge attack on trans kids and their families in our country.”

Chelsea speaks at the GLAAD Media Awards. (Evan Agostini/AP/Shutterstock)

Chelsea urged Americans to stand up for trans kids and their families when they vote in the upcoming election, but also to speak out about these issues. “I think it takes a lot of courage to stand up, to continue to use our voices to vote, of course, but to call attention to the harms where they’re happening and to use our voices to draw attention and amplify the good. Where This is happening, in an effort to help protect women, protect children and advance more opportunities for everyone to live their best life,

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