Christina Hack and Heather Ray reunite for a family photo after a young soccer game

Christina Hack and Heather Ray Young’s argument – what happened?

They have their eye on this family ball.

Later Hot moment for kids playing football At the end of the week, Christina Hack Reunite with Heather Rae Young for a mixed family Pictures May 12.

The Flip or flop alum and Sell ​​the sunset The star appeared to have left their past behind during a night out at a school event in support of Taylor, Christina is an 11-year-old girl Including ex-husband and ex Co-star Tareq El Musa. The pair were joined by Heather’s current husband Tarek and Christina’s third husband Josh Hall.

Christina, 38, took the opportunity to highlight the united family for her daughter’s school open house. “Co-paternity 101,” she said Wrote Photos as well as on Instagram. “The kids come first.”

Note that they are “grateful” for the continued recovery of son Braden. After recent surgeryHe added, “It’s been a very rough few weeks, ready for some peace.”

On Saturday, Christina and Heather were spotted making noise in Newport Beach, California, a source said! News that they are “not having sex lately and there is overall tension between the two couples.” Statement sent to e! News from the couple explained that “a personal matter was discussed and then resolved.” It added, “We focus on co-parenting as a team moving forward.”

Their co-parenting skills were tested on Sunday, when Christina and Tarek’s 6-year-old son Braden Emergency appendectomy surgery is required. After Christina Appreciated the collective love of the group For Braden, he wrote on Instagram, “Stressful 24 hours is a good reminder of how important teamwork / co-parenting is.

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