Christina Perry marks Mother’s Day with new music she says is a “love letter”

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This Mother’s Day On weekends, Christina Perry Music is celebrated with gifts.

On May 6, the 35-year-old released a new song from his highly anticipated upcoming album, A light shade of blue.

Title “MothersThe track carries an important message for Christina’s 3-year-old daughter Carmella, as well as for old and new fans.

“I wrote this song with my dear friend Amy Wedge as a love letter to moms during a difficult time,” Christina exclusively shared with E! News. “I was one of those mothers when my daughter Carmela was there. There are a lot of things you can’t prepare for and your heart feels like it’s breaking again and again. We are so, so strong, but for a short time, we are so fragile. This song is just for those uncles. I want them to be seen and held, especially on Mother’s Day. “

“Mothers” will be released on Christina’s third studio album, June 24. The singer described his latest project, which debuted almost nine years after its release Head or heart In 2013, as yet his most passionate work.

“It also tells the most painful and joyous story of my experience, so it makes sense that it overflows with every feeling,” he said. “Sonali, it’s my favorite because it’s written, produced, engineered and performed by all women! The vibe and warmth of this album is different from anything else I’ve created, but it will break your heart just like I always did! ”

Back in November 2020, Christina Declared damage Her baby daughter.

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