DD thanks former Casey BET Awards speech to the crowd and fans with GF Young Miami

DD Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2022 BET AwardAnd he gave a long speech while accepting the honor. At one point, DD “made sure to thank everyone who took part [his] Life. ”He said he probably couldn’t name everyone, but he was an amazing person who he was Did Reference by name. “I’ve been in a dark place for years,” DD admitted. “I have to give a special shout, thank you, love, who was really there for me.” He named some of the closest people in his life, then added, “And Casio, to keep me stuck in the dark, love.”

kanye west didy baby faceDiddy receives Lifetime Achievement Award. (John Salangsang / Shutterstock)

Diddy and Cassie have been dating and dating for more than 10 years before their breakup in 2018. After the divorce, she was reunited with Alex Fine, whom she married in September 2019. The couple has two children together. Meanwhile, DD is currently dating City Girls rapper Young Miami (Keresha Romeka Brownlee). Keresha was among the spectators at the BET Awards, proudly holding a sign that read “Go Sinner!” Diddy took the stage. Fans on Twitter were outraged that DD mentioned Casey in his speech while Keresha was sitting in front of him.

Didi CaseyDiddy and Cassie before their separation. (Matt Baron / Shutterstock)

However, he does not seem to be bothered by the situation. Young Miami DD retweeted a shady message about not mentioning Keresa in his speech, to which he replied, “Girl please!” Kerala City Girls Bandmate, Jetty, retweeted the message, writing, “B *** Don’t go crazy. Ab **** is not something that can be touched and detected by trying to go viral … OK, OK. “

DD Confirmed his relationship Yung with Miami earlier this month.

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