Elon Musk is not testifying in the Amber Hard case: look back at their dating history

5 amazing moments from Johnny Depp and Amber Hard Trial

Elon Musk You do not have to take a position in the Virginia courtroom for this Johnny Depp And ex-wife Amber HardOf Ongoing defamation trial.

Mask’s attorney Alex Spiro says Ike! April 27 news that Tesla CEO will not testify in the trial.

He was a millionaire Originally listed as a potential witness to Hard In the pre-trial filing of the case, where Depp is hearing the case for $ 50 million. (Hard is suing her for 100 million.) Hard and Depp are accusing each other of violence during their first year of marriage; Each party denies the allegations.

Hard, 36, had been dating Mask for almost a year after his divorce from Depp, 58, in January 2016. The actress and entrepreneur first met on the set of Robert Rodriguez. Kill Machet In 2013; Hard was the lead in the film and Musk had a cameo appearance.

The Hollywood Reporter It was initially reported that Musk was “fascinated” with Hard and began emailing Rodriguez and his team to set dinner and lunch with him.

“If there’s a party or event with Amber, I’d love to meet her out of curiosity,” Musk said. Wrote in an emailAvailable THR Through a secret source. “Allegedly, he’s a fan of George Orwell and Ann Rand. The most unusual.”

John Shearer / Getty Images

After the divorce from Depp, Mask’s relationship with Hardy – who filed for divorce Westworld In early 2015, actress Talulah Riley became romantic. The The couple went to the Instagram official In April 2017,

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