Giannina Gibelli Gives Boyfriend Blake Horstmann A Platinum Blonde Makeover

Giannina Gibelli is open to getting involved with Blake Horstmann

Giannina Gibelli made up Blake Horstman Lighten up (literally).

Blake is doing a new job and it’s all thanks to Giannina. As she explained on her September 22 Instagram Stories, Blake lost a bet and therefore, her punishment was to go blonde.

So, how did Blake feel about the transformation? He declared in his stories, “I am a man of my word!”

Let it be known that Giannina was not for picking up bleach. Two were enrolled unmarried alum Alice Dehlbaum To complete the task and dye Blake’s hair. But Giannina gave moral support!

“It’s going to be great,” Giannina told Blake as she filmed the process. “If not, we just shave!”

Although Blake admitted to being nervous about the change, the mood was as light as her hair. After all, video footage showed him popping a bottle of champagne during the process.

And when it came time to reveal Blake’s final look, a total platinum blonde shade, Giannina definitely approved. “Every time I look at her, it’s like jaw-dropping,” she gushed on Blake’s Instagram Stories.


Giannina and Blake’s romance first began when they Cross the path over All Star Shore. The day the show premiered on June 29, Giannina and Blake They went Instagram official about their relationship. After about a month, love is blind Elam exclusively told E! News that he could see them take the next step.

“I’m definitely not uncomfortable Talking about getting engaged to him Or just spend the rest of my life with them,” Gianina said.

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