Go inside the most unexpected fight in Southern Charm

Southern CharmIts Naomi Olindo and Venita Aspen find themselves on opposite sides of an argument involving Craig Conover. Get all the details about the amazing discord.

Ken Craig Conover was shocked by Naomi and Whitney’s hookup

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Southern CharmIts September 22 episode saw the longtime friends meet Naomi Olindo And aspen What could be the most shocking fight of season eight so far. The origin of said fight is less sinister, though: Craig Conover.

He and Naomi – who dated for three years – broke up in 2017 and had A short-lived reunion 2021 has been at odds all season, and centered around their latest disagreement other The night before, while having dinner with Venita, they had a fight. shape rose, Taylor Ann Green, Austin Kroll, Olivia Flowers And Whitney Sudler-Smith.

The first time, Craig drunkenly scolded Naomi when she recently made disparaging comments about him Leo Bonaparte. The next night at dinner he apologizes, claims he’ll “work to be kind,” and everything seems fine from there—that is, until Venita speaks up.

The way she saw it, Naomi was trying to “pick a fight” with Craig,” Venita said in the confessional. “Keep your st together and enjoy the steak and have a good time.”

And while he didn’t tell Naomi this at the table, he told her to “acknowledge” Craig’s feelings.

Naomi’s response? “Shut up, Venita.”

Meanwhile, the rest of the table was just as surprised as Naomi that Venita stuck up for Craig.

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