Grimes is auctioning off its Met Gala accessories to support BIPOC families.

After walking the red carpet at the 2021 Met Gala Hill-Inspired ensemble, Grimes is auctioning off pieces from appearances in support of Ukraine.

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Clothing for a reason.

Grimes By auctioning off some of her most memorable fashion accessories, she is playing a role in supporting the black, indigenous and people of color in Ukraine.

ā€œIā€™m auctioning off things from my Met Gala look to raise money to help get last year BIPOC Families outside Ukraine are having trouble getting out of the border, “he said Shared in an Instagram post On May 16, it was added that the auction, which is on display at the HVW8 Gallery in Los Angeles, “includes the works of 50 prominent artists who aim to provide emergency response and support the BIPOC family in and out of Ukraine.”

Explaining that each piece of the auction “provides a unique explanation of the theme of resistance,” Grimes donated a whim Pair of ear cuffsDesigned by Romantic Elf Jewelry and Chrome CHRISHABANA x Dune Harkonnen mask.

The Experimental musician Used to wear pieces 2021 Met Gala Back in September, along with a Sheer Iris van Harpen gown, For the theme of the event “America: A Dictionary of Fashion”. His appearance – which The 1984 cult was inspired by the classic Hill (And Next 2021 remake) Based on a novel by Frank Herbert ā€” Also includes a replica medieval sword reintroduced from a Colt AR-15A3. The weapon, however, is not ready for auction, as it is “a permanent part” of the collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

All proceeds from the auction will go to Diaspora Relief and Resome, a non-profit organization for Ukraine,

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