Here’s why Bachelor Nation’s Stagecoach 2022 should be camera rolling

How Bachelor Nation turned stage coach into an informal reunion

Forget about the Bachelor Mansion. Keep an eye out Stage coach.

April 29, Indio, Calif. For thousands of country music fans to enjoy three days of uninterrupted music. Go. And time to plan their schedule for participants ’experiences Carrie Underwood, Thomas Rate, Maren Morris And while other artists live, they may also want to keep their eyes peeled for members Bachelor Nation.

Before Coronavirus Epidemic breaks the annual festival, with stagecoaches serving as an informal reunion for many cast members. Unmarried And Bachelorette.

“Bachelor Nation is a very tight knit crew,” Robbie Hayes Exclusively shared with E! News. “When we attend the same event and stay in the same city on the weekends, it’s normal for us to meet and make sure we cross paths. If we let the atmosphere and drinks get their best, well, I guess we’d like to leave the camera unattended! It could be a nice change of pace!

In 2019, Blake Horstman Stage coach travel One reason Bachelor in ParadiseMost Dramatic storyংAnd the love triangle ঋ season.


This year, however, he will be performing a DJ set on The Hong Kong with Bachelor Nation guests. Expected to be present

For others like Cassie Randolph, the festival is a drama-free zone where she can create memories with those she loves the most. “My family has been gone for the last five years,” he told EK!

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