How Kim Kardashian feels about having kids with Pete Davidson as a romance hit

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LOS ANGELES, CA - * EXCLUSIVE * - Kim Kardashian shows off her curved figure when she and her boyfriend Pete Davidson hit HULU in Hollywood.

NEW YORK, NY - Kim Kardashian, Kholo Kardashian, and Pete Davidson check out of their hotel after attending the Met Gala.  The trio were seen leaving their MET Gala look and leaving their hotel after some casual travel attire.  For their safety even carry a box of treats from the donuttery.  Photo: Khalo Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian Backgrid USA 3 May 2022 Byline Must Read: BlazenPhotos / BackGrid USA: +1 310 798 9111 / UK: Please pixelate face first *

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian celebrate the opening of the Costume Institute Benefit in America: Fashion Anthology, Advent, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA - 02 May 2022

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Kim Kardashian Didn’t rule out the possibility of having a baby with a boyfriend Pete Davidson! The reality icon, 41, is probably weighed as her and hers SNL-Star Boyfriend, 28, continued Get closer. In fact, according to a Kardashian source, Kim Pitt’s mother Amy Davidson is also being considered! “Kim knows that Amy wants Pitt to have grandchildren, and she also knows that Pitt wants to be a father one day,” said a source close to Hollywood Life.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson. (Mega)

“Seeing Pitt with his kids showed him how amazing a dad he would be, and Pitt came closer to the North,” they continued. “They often play together because Pitt is like a big kid and Kim likes to watch it. He doesn’t rule out the possibility. There is another child And if that happens, she’s ready for it. The source added that even if Kim Pitt is loved by the funny side, she will not get pregnant.

“She’s not going to have a child and Pete knows it. She’ll use a surrogate again if she has another child,” they explain. “But having more children is not something Kim can say. She’s still young and she’s a mother He loves to be. He knows the needs of raising children and can balance his career. He has been doing this for almost a decade and is doing it well. “

However, Kim is not the only woman whose views on children are important – Pete is famously close to her mother and will seek her approval.

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