6 Mother’s Day Gifts for True Housewife Superfans

Probably Leonardo DiCaprio It says best: “My mother is a walking miracle.”

Let’s face it – there is nothing better than listening to an actor True The leading woman, the woman who gave birth to him. Leonardo himself serves as a prime example. Not only did he repeatedly praise his mother, Ermelin Indenbirken, but he was also known for bringing her as his “date.” Golden Globes. After actually winning the prize Best Actor in 2016 BAFTAThe Revenant The star took the opportunity to highlight the most important person in the room.

“I couldn’t stand here if it weren’t for this person,” he told the audience. Mentioning his mother. “I did not grow up in a privileged life. I grew up in a very rough neighborhood in East Los Angeles. This woman took me to a different school three hours a day to show me a different opportunity. “

But Leonardo is not the only Hollywood actor to have paid homage to his mother. Keep reading for more heartfelt quotes from your favorite celebrities …

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Bradley Cooper

The Alley of nightmares The star has long lashed out at her mother, but her most touching remarks about her came from an interview. Details In 2013. After his father died of cancer in 2011, Bradley shared that his mother had moved in with him and called him a “cool chick” of a roommate.

“We are alive.

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