Inside the Love Lives of the Summer I have turned into beautiful stars

Summer I turned the beautiful cast share Season 2 wish list

How do you know when it’s the right person? Some of its stars Summer I turned beautiful I found it out

Since when Amazon Prime video seriesহয়েছিল Premiered June 17, fans were curious to know if Lola Tung, Christopher Briny and Gavin Casalegno য who are living the love life of Bailey, Conrad and Jeremiah respectively. As complex as their onscreen personalities. After all, Jenny Han adaptation The center of a love triangle between Bailey and the brothers.

And as it turns out, Cousins ​​Beach isn’t the only place for romance and drama: the actors themselves have experienced love, heartbreak and everything in between. Take for example Christopher and Gavin, each of whom has found love with someone from their past. Meanwhile, acknowledging online dating, David Icono – the man who brought Bailey’s adorable summer Crush Cam to life – has a bad taste in his mouth.

For Lola and the rest of the cast? We got Intel.

Read on to see who is unmarried and who has been taken.

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Lola Tung

There is no love greater than self-love — just ask the leading star Summer I turned beautiful! Lola may be unmarried, but she learned a lot about love and life while playing belly.

“I learned to make myself a little easier because I think, especially as a teenage girl, she’s very hard on herself,” she explained. Seventeen When asked about the lesson he took off from the show. “I’m very hard on myself and he’s going through a lot of things and doing wrong and that’s normal.

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