Inside the “tension” of Christina Hack and Heather Ray Young after the soccer game

The son of Christina Hack and Tarek El Musa has undergone emergency surgery

For things are hitting near the house Christina Hack And Heather Ray Young.

Last May 8, d Christina on the coast Personality and Sell ​​the sunset The stars were photographed in the middle of a children’s soccer match on Newport Beach, California, during a verbal argument. The two met with Christina’s ex Tareq El Musa-WHO Married Last October, Heather 6 and the third husband of the HGTV host, Josh HallApparently heated exchange time.

At one point, Tarek “grabbed his arm to pull his wife out” of Christina, an eyewitness told Ike! News. Eyewitnesses added that Josh was “disturbed” by the situation and later told Tarek to “talk.”

Christina and Tarek are one daughter Taylor11, and son Braden6.

About what happened in the photo, the statement issued to e! “A personal matter was discussed and then resolved,” the couple said in a statement. We focus on co-guarding as a team going forward. ”

But what gave birth to the incident? A source close to Tarek and Heather said exclusively e! News that Heather reached a breaking point during the game.

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“Heather and Christina haven’t been together lately and there’s an overall tension between the two couples,” the insider explains. “Christina thinks Heather has crossed her boundaries when she is the parent of her children and Heather doesn’t think she gets enough respect from Christina.”

Adding that Heather “does a lot for the kids”, the source said the group “hopes the worst is behind them.”

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The interaction took place just a day before Christina and Tarek’s youngest child,

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