Inside the transition from reality star to headline DJ to Blake Horstman

Blake Horstman describes the “surreal” feeling of being a DJ

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Blake Horstman You know what you’re thinking.

The thought of becoming a DJ of another reality star doesn’t exactly hit all the right notes. But for this Bachelor Nation Stars, careers in music are not some story or trend that will go away by the end of the summer.

Instead, Blake is paying his dues and proving to any suspects that he can bring the party.

“People where they’re dancing, laughing, having a good time and forgetting their worries, anxieties and stress is a great gift, he shared exclusively with E! News.” It’s a high that I didn’t know I needed and now it’s something like that. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. “

California time Stagecoach Music Festival In April, Blake concluded the largest crowd at the Honky Tank Tent with more than 7,000 guests. And more recently, on 4th July Over the weekend, Blake giggled his first headlining Las Vegas At the Elijah Beach Club of the Virgin Hotel.

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“I had a poster with me Snoop Dogg! ”Blake Dr.“ It’s such a weird life that I’ve been living lately and I have this occasional Eposter syndrome that what am I doing here?

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