When was the Canadian tuxedo popular?

Head-to-toe denim began in American industry and as a suitable garment for workers on farms and farms. Crossovers in popular fashion began in the 1950s. At the same time that kids who grew up in the shadow of WWII revolted against the system with leather jackets and rock’n’roll, they started wearing blouses and denim jackets as fashions.

Pearl snap western shirts and denim work shirts, paired with jeans, became a fashionable look among medieval country music singers because it was the uniform of the American working class that they wanted to represent. Early rock stars took a look at them and helped popularize it in the rest of the world.

An example of this change is when Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash started wearing the same outfit in the early 1960’s when the two became friends. Towards the end of the decade, we saw George Harrison wearing a Canadian tuxedo on the cover of Abbey Road.

George Harrison in a Canadian tuxedo on the cover of Beatles Abbey Road

Although it was in the 1970s, that full-denim look took root in the fashion industry thanks to Ralph Lauren. The godfather of American fashion began his empire by making ties, but in the 1970s his signature look turned into a denim western shirt with jeans and a herringbone tweed blazer, often with cowboy boots. He pollinated American Southwestern culture, which he liked very much with Preppy Americana, who grew up on Long Island. The two have been involved in popular fashion ever since.

Denim was seen exploding in a wide range of sizes and shades in the 1980s, many of which were best left in the 1980s. Acid wash jeans and matching jackets have become the definite denim trend of this decade, often paired together. One of the most iconic movie characters of the decade, Marty McFly of Back to the Future, rocked an acid-washed Canadian tuxedo with an orange puffer vest.

Marty McFly puts an orange puffer on top of an acid-washed Canadian tuxedo

The look of denim clothing began to change in the 1990s, with balloons in shape with suits and most other styles. Hip-hop culture though the rise of street clothing Includes large-sized Canadian tuxedos.

Two major cultural revolutions in the 2000’s brought back the appearance of denim in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Renaissance, led by The Strokes in 2001, is not only the classic rock sound but also its fashion. Frontman Julian Casablancas wore old jeans and denim jackets on stage and in promotional shootings, while the entire band leaned heavily on the denim in their clothing.

Several years later, a similar renaissance of men’s clothing took place when in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s the whole aesthetic was shattered and replaced by effects. Denim workwear tops paired with jeans have become a signature look of the time.

Canadian Tuxedo Today

The popularity has declined somewhat over the next decade but the Canadian tuxedo has become stronger over the last few years thanks to the approval of a few notable celebrities. Aaron Rogers, arguably the greatest quarterback of his generation, has made several public appearances in head-to-toe denim for the 2018 and 2019 NFL seasons. These may appear as satirical attire to some football fans, but attention is drawn to the details of these fits that Rogers made a legitimate fashion statement.

Aaron Rogers wearing a triple denim plus bolo tie

Then in January 2022, longtime denim enthusiast Connie West made the final Canadian tuxedo appearance with then-girlfriend Julia Fox at Paris Fashion Week. Yeah and Julia’s matching denim fits were a bit more than any mortal should try, but the effect of legalization was obvious. Love it or hate it, you have a lot of power in the fashion world and he has firmly put the Canadian tuxedo back on the map.

So, in short, the Canadian tuxedo is not making a comeback, it has been popular in one or the other power for the last half century.

9 Tips for Rocking a Canadian Tuxedo

1. Stick to a two-piece suit. You can find almost any outfit made with denim but when you are going for a Canadian tuxedo, stick with two items. Jeans and a jacket or jeans and a shirt.

2. Keep it simple. You can find practically any type of clothing made with denim but when pairing denim together, keep it simple with five pocket jeans, denim tracker jacket and denim workshirt and western shirt. Leave the real denim tuxedos to the millionaire athletes.

3. Counting in the chamber. Basically, the chamber is a standard cotton weave that is dyed to look like denim. It is lighter in weight than denim so it is good for warm weather and layering. Matching chamber shirts with denim can be considered Canadian light.

4. When matched with color and texture, You want either your top and bottom almost identical or a clear contrast. If the two are close but do not match, avoid pairing them.

5. Brown skin is better than black skin. For leather items like shoes, jackets and belts, stick to brown. Black is less complimentary for most denim shades. The bold exception is a black leather motorcycle jacket.

A gun club check blazer wearing a denim dress shirt and blue jeans

6. Class it with a blazer. Tweed looks great with denim So a tweed blazer will add some class to your Canadian tuxedo. Navy or charcoal pinstripes also work well. And similarly for a gun club check jacket.

7. Accessorize as desired. Head to toe denim provides a nice blank canvas on which to hold your favorite items such as bandanas, scarves, jewelry and watches.

8. Shoes are important. A complete denim fit should always be complemented with a great pair of shoes. These can be all white leather sneakers or paisley velvet slippers but they have to be something you want people to notice, they can’t be annoying. As mentioned above, the eyes will be drawn towards your feet.

Famous Canadian Tuxedo wearer

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren in his signature denim denim look

Robert Redford

Robert Redford wearing a Canadian tuxedo on a motorcycle

Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen in a denim western shirt paired with jeans

Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash wears a modified Canadian tuxedo with a light denim shirt and black jeans

Marvin Gay

Marvin Gay in a denim shirt with pearl buttons and blue jeans

Dwight Yokom

Country star Dwight Yokom at Canadian Tuxedo

Bruce Springsteen

Rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen in a complete denim look

Ryan Gosling

Canadian Ryan Gosling at the Canadian Tuxedo

Connie West

Connie West and Julia Fox are teaming up with Canadian Tuxedo

Bottom line: should you wear it?

The Canadian Tuxedo is not for everyone but the look has become so basic and timeless that almost anyone can pull it off. If you feel comfortable in jeans, pairing your jeans with a denim jacket is not a leap at all. It’s a look that you can easily see, be comfortable with, then test

Once you get acquainted with the denim look above and below you can explore the wide range of denim clothing pairs. Alternatively, you can settle in a combination of your choice and turn it into a signature outfit in your collection.

Levi’s and Wrangler are the oldest and most well-known names in denim and the best place to start when it comes to first denim pairing. Their jeans, jackets and shirts are affordable and readily available. Both brands make excellent pearl button western shirts, an ideal place to start your Canadian tuxedo journey.

From there, the denim rabbit hole goes as deep as you want it to go. Check out American startups like RGT, Freenote, and Gustin, and Japanese audiences like Chimala, Sugar Cane, and Real McCoy.

If denim pairing is something you’ve been playing with before, stick with it. Don’t think of Canadian tuxedos as derogatory. It’s been a long time coming and it’s been a long time coming. You don’t have to be a blue collar worker or a farm hand to understand the look. To make sure Ralph Lauren has spent his entire career Always Be fashionable and stylish.

If you decide to take the Canadian tuxedo and own it with confidence, it will become a reliable fallback that you will always have waiting in your closet. Want to go out on a casual night or do some work on the weekends and think about what you will wear? Throw on a denim shirt and jeans with some low top sneakers on top of your favorite old tee and you’re set.