Jess Val Ortiz wears many hats in “Spamilton, an American parody”

There has been a delightful escape for the theater Jessica Val Ortiz For life. ” I love how it takes me to a new world. I can spend the most horrible days, but when I listen to my showtunes or go to the theater, it immediately puts me in the best mood of all time. Singing has always been a real passion of my life, so being able to express myself through music and my voice is always the most amazing experience. I am very lucky to be able to do this as a career. ” The actress and content creator is busy shaking up her Broadway ambitions with her 7.7 million viewers. Tick ​​tock. “It’s very difficult for both of them to create a schedule because when I’m performing on the street, there’s a tendency to take a back seat to create content. I will post them when I travel ৷ I sometimes try to film some content when I’m traveling if I have time! I want my fans to see what I’m doing! ” Her main character is a classic character who seems to fit a little older than the rest of her biography. Opera Phantom On Broadway. If you’re familiar with production, Christine has a very high, high soprano voice. When I was getting my BFA at the Penn State Musical Theater, I didn’t get much training, especially in my higher register, because I was always ready to play the role of an older, bra. It was fun, but … I was 20. One should not learn to play a 50-year-old character. Now that I’m out of school and no longer in that environment, I want to play more of my age – like Christine!

Jess is currently starring Spamilton, an American parody. “I was cast at the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera (CLO) in 2019, and we worked with the original director and music director for the show! Once the tour started in December 2021, the tour’s producer contacted me and asked me to be their leading lady on the tour. Of course I played a role – it was back on stage for the first time since the epidemic hit! It’s so funny and I’m lucky to be a part of the show for so long! ” The task is challenging to say the least, but in the best possible way. “I don’t just portray all female characters Hamilton, But we also parody other characters from multiple hit Broadway musicals! I also have to impress Barbara Streisand, Bernadette Peters and Lisa Minelli, so I have to play multiple vocal styles throughout the show. I love the challenge, and I try to bring something new to the role during each performance. “He finds the parody’s interactive experience electric. The crowd goes crazy! It’s hard not to laugh with them, because as an actor you have to go.

As far as the future holds, he is keeping an open mind. “Even though I have a passion for theater, I find myself coming to film / TV and modeling! Growing up as a musical theater performer, I was always trained to be as round as possible in my skill set, and I really pushed into the world of dance. As I get older, I no longer see myself as a dancer. The more people push me to dance, the more I’ll fall in love with it, but that’s exactly right. My passion for music and acting can never be strong. As long as I’m doing what I love, I’ll always be happy. The heart of a true actor beats forever.

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Jess Val Ortiz wears a lot of hats in “Spamilton, an American parody”. Photo credit: Sub-Urban Photography (first two photos) and Garrett Karfman (last photo).