JoJo Siva says she has ‘turned into Justin Bieber’ with a new short haircut: before and

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Jojo Siva, 18, showed fans exactly how he styled her in a brand new TikTok. Teenage Sensation Her infamous long, blonde hair cut April 7, 2022 and completely shocked the fans. “Mayyyyy did something today,” he captioned a video of his long lock being cut. Now that JoJo has become accustomed to her short hair, she seems to have slowed down her styling process.


Still learning how I like to do my new hair every day hahahaha but here is the magic of today

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So, how does JoJo make him perfect Extremely short look? First, he soaked it. Then, he added an indefinite brand of hair oil to it and scratched it. Then, before blow-drying, she sprays her hair with some sea salt spray and volumizing spray. Once her hair is dry, JoJo takes a break to do some makeup. She didn’t notice if she took a makeup break every time she styled her hair. Once she resumes her hair routine, she uses a “really tiny curling iron” to give her long hair a tight corkscrew curl. However, they do not last very long. Finishing her routine, she adds some more texture spray and runs her fingers through her hair. To stop this, she applied hairspray all over her head to keep her face straight.

Jojo SivaJojo Siva had long, blonde hair in front of the camera for most of his life (Photo: Shutterstock)

At the conclusion of his tutorial video,

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