Kardashian Sizzle in Neon Yellow Zip-Up Bodysuit: Video

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Khalo Kardashian, 37, revealed her Instagram story on June 9 with a sexy video showing her fit figure in a neon yellow bodysuit from the Good American brand. He expressed concern about the bodysuit in the video, from its fitting to its color. “So I’m wearing this tennis ball neon yellow one-piece and it’s this compression swim,” he began. “Zip you up, hold you right, and I think it’s great for active beach travelers, moms who are hanging out with their kids.” With her long legs on the show, the entrepreneur and reality star continued, “I mean, I like it. It’s very comfortable, it holds you, it has contour lines. “He finished his video by retrieving that he liked the support that the compression suite provided and mentioned that he liked the color.

Bodysuit, which is called Good compression suitFeatures long sleeves but has a cheek cut on the back. The front zipper lets people choose how much coverage they want on their chest. On the Good American site it retails for $ 130. It is considered a “necessary” piece that is perfect for every use, from being near water to styling with jeans.

The video comes as Kholo and his family learn that his ex and the father of one of his children, True4, Tristan ThompsonShe gave birth to a baby boy with another woman while she was with Khloe at Hulu’s Kardashians. Kim Kardashian Was the first sister to find out about 2021 paternity lawsuit Filed by Marali Nichols,

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