Katy Perry fell from her chair wearing Ariel’s costume during Idol’s Disney

The fins are getting used to something! Katy Perry Went all out for him Little Mermaid Costume for American Idol Disney Night May 1. She was transformed into Ariel, complete with red hair, purple seashell bikini top and green mermaid tail.

Katy PerryKaty Perry fell from her chair during Disney Night. (ABC)

Katie had to be taken to the judges’ stage Luke Brian And Lionel Richie. Ryan Secret had to help Luke and Lionel bring Katie down to the judge’s table. They took Katie to her chair and she almost fell trying to get up from the seat. He was able to jump into the chair before displaying his tail at the judges’ table.

“I’m so glad you got dressed tonight, Katie,” Ryan said. Katie turned off her camera and fell from the chair while Luke and Lionel were talking to Ryan about the “mermaid slim” in their hands. Anxious Ryan rushes to the judges’ table to help Katie. “Are you all right?” Ryan asked the singer.

Luke was smiling at Katie, who had a good game about her latest mess. Ryan, Luke and Lionel returned Katie to her seat. She doesn’t sweat her fall. Once the audience is settled, Katie’s name is pronounced.

This little stumble was not the first Katie encountered off against the floor American Idol. Noah Thompson after his former performance John Mayer Song on the show, Katie Slide the floor. “Noah, I think maybe you should make me Wikipedia,” Katie said. “I’m triggering!”

Katy PerryLionel Richie and Luke Brian helped Katy Perry after the fall. Read the full article