Kylie Jenner revealed that she almost had this “K” name

Is Kylie Jenner Dropping Baby Name Hints On Instagram?

Can you imagine keeping up with Kennedy Jenner?

Kylie Jenner recently shared that her parents, Kris Jenner And Caitlyn Jenner Kennedy almost gave him a different “K” name, noting that the name was among the top contenders. The makeup mogul shared this revelation in a video shared tick tock On 17 August.

“My name is Kylie,” she wrote in the clip alongside a series of photos of herself and a video of her hanging out with her 4-year-old daughter. Stormy Webster“But it was almost.. Kennedy.”

But as the 25-year-old points out, the moniker “doesn’t hurt the same.”

In fact, Kris previously suggested that he and Caitlyn went through an exhaustive list of names for their youngest daughter. after Kim Kardashian revealed in the season 17 finale Keeping up with the Kardashians that Kendall Jenner Almost called Juliet, she asked Mama how she and Caitlin then chose Kylie.

“We just kept saying, ‘Kendall and Sophia,’ ‘Kendall and Jen,’ you know, trying to figure out what happened to Kendall,” Kris replied. “It was ‘Kendall and, you know, Kelly.’ When we got to Kendall and Kylie, we went, ‘This is it.’ Kendall and Kylie had to move in together.”

Although fans now know her as Kylie almost Gone, the famous family still has a few names that followers are waiting to know, including the names of The reality star’s baby boy. Kylie welcomed her second child Travis Scott in February and when they At first he was called Wolf,

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