Best Met Gala Looks of All Time: Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya and more!

Ready for a fashion explosion from the past.

Although it seems impossible to imagine, there was a time Met Gala Was not a product Enjoy Chief Editor Anna Winter. The British journalist must have played a big role in turning the annual event into what it is today-he has been chair of the gala since 1995 কিন্তু but the ride was actually from 1948, when it was just a midnight dinner that invited guests could attend for $ 50 tickets.

The gala, also known as the Costume Institute Benefit, remained the same until 1972 when fashion editor Diana Vryland became a special adviser to the institute. Long ago, the dinner was transformed into a great relationship with the signatures of celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy and Pat Buckley. In the co-chair

Vreeland died in 1989, and it wasn’t until ’95 that Wintour’s advantage would take over the predecessor. So where did that incident go 20 years ago in 1992?

Well, the co-chairs may not have a star-studded lineup, but the 1992 Met Gala was great, nonetheless. The theme was “Fashion and History: A Dialogue,” and the like icon Joan River And Christy Turlington brought their A-game to the red carpet.

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