Lili Reinhart reveals actors aren’t allowed to ‘tongue kiss’ on CW show

Lili Reinhart Dished on some secret about the romantic scene CW During a new interview Happy Sad Confused podcast Thursday, August 18. When the 25-year-old actress talked about taking on different and more serious roles, she revealed some behind-the-scenes wisdom on how Riverdale The cast performs romantic scenes.

While he was promoting his new Netflix movie look both ways, He revealed how acting in the new movie was very different from his experience Riverdale. She pulled back the curtain a bit when she mentioned she wanted to take on a more mature role. “You can only be an adult on a CW show because you’re not even allowed to tongue kiss,” she said. “That side of Ginny is a little different.”

Lilly opened up about the next roles in a new interview. (Image Press Agency/NoorPhoto/Shutterstock)

Lily opened up about taking on a role that would help “move the needle” on the next phase of her acting career. Although she is best known as the leading lady of the popular series, Betty Cooper riverdale, His new movie Look both ways Shows her as a recent college grad exploring the two different possibilities of staying in her hometown and becoming a mother or chasing her dreams in Los Angeles. IMDb.

when Riverdale After its seventh season ended, Lily also revealed what kind of role she’d like to star in. “Definitely roles you haven’t seen me in. I’m an adult! I’m a grown woman and I’m going to start playing those more grown-up roles.” she said.

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