Love is music to Athena Park’s ears in “The Soaring Jar.”

About insistence for acting Athena Park. “It all started in elementary school. It was 4th grade and the drama teacher was auditioning 7th and 8th graders for the production. The Rockin’ Tale of Snow White” she reminisces. “I already knew I loved drama and acting at this stage. I went to the drama teacher and told her I wanted to audition and she was clear it was for senior students. I asked her many more times and Finally she agreed to give me an audition. I auditioned and was offered the role of a witch. Well, I ran with it! I was very serious, I put on a hump and an accent and it went great! After that I told my dad- Talked to mom and said I did a good job and I want to do it more.” His parents reinforced this perseverance. “My mom summed it up by saying, ‘It’s going to be a long road, it’s not going to happen fast, don’t rush and always train and be prepared.’ But over the years I’ve received a lot of good advice and am very grateful for it! There is nothing she doesn’t like about performing. “”I enjoy everything! From theater to concert singing. I especially love the set when I film!

You can catch Athena in her new film as Robin, swear by. “It’s about love and soul mates and how sometimes in life we ​​can find both. It’s about losing and finding. The main character Kerry finds the love of her life and from there we are taken on an emotional journey. Robin Carey’s music student and favorite! Kerry refers to Robin as a good egg, referring to a conversation Kerry had with her husband about the egg. Robin wanted to switch instruments and did so with the help of his teacher because Robin’s parents wanted him to stick to the violin. I actually got to sing in the movie and the song is on the playlist. Eventually the plot twist will catch up with you!” Robin idolizes Kerry and wants to follow in his professional footsteps. “The dynamic between Kerry and Robin is sweet. Robin is always there to help Kerry with books and boxes and Kerry really likes Robin and vice versa. Robin looks up to Kerry and wants to be a music teacher because of her.”

The film reminds us that life doesn’t always unfold the way we expect it to. “The message is that love will find you and change your world when you’re not looking for it!” Athena is currently balancing both musical and academic pursuits. “Right now I’m working on two new songs, doing my rounds at TIFF, and I’m a full-time student at university, AHHH!” If anyone had the determination to do anything, it was Athena. swear by Premieres in theaters on September 23rd.

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Love is music to Athena Park’s ears in “The Soaring Jar.” Photo credit: Courtesy Project Four PR.

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