Luke Hachi revels in gay vampires in “EZRA.”

What would you do if you were sick of the media not giving queer narratives the attention they deserve? if you Luke chuckled, you found your own media company, Hell Yes Entertainment. “I think for so long, big companies have seen LGBTQ+ content as unmarketable or cliche, not meant to be broad and mainstream to be proud of. I was tired of seeing the same stereotypes portrayed in the LGBTQ+ community and I wanted to take matters into my own hands,” he explained. “With this company, we’re able to greenlight any show, and we have the resources to do it!” And you If you like gay characters and vampires, Luke has a real treat for you in the form of his new series, EZRA. “EZRA A funny miniseries that follows Ezra, a vampire, as he tries to navigate his new relationship with his boyfriend Ian and how he struggles with his own identity. All the while, her cousin isn’t too happy that she’s got a human lover. I don’t really know how to explain it without giving things away, but it’s fun!

EZRA Explores the complexities of life after coming out. Luke wanted Ezra to come to terms with his own identity. “I think the coming-out story is done and I think a lot of queer people go through a lot more obstacles in their lives than that. It’s never what happens after you come out, it’s always the process of getting there. I think this twist takes the narrative away from getting acceptance for who you are from everyone around you and focuses on Ezra’s need to find acceptance in himself. Perhaps that human lover is the catalyst that pushes her into the human world. “I think Ezra really wants to find a place he can call home, and as an observer of people’s entertainment, aka reality TV, he thinks the world is finally the perfect place for him.” Luke was determined to let the story break out of tropes. “The film GBF, which is often overlooked if you ask me, starring RnB icon JoJo, is a great movie that combines laughs and coming out. After that, I really felt that the ‘coming out story’ was the only thing that LGBTQ+ people had to offer in entertainment and believe me, we had issues like everyone else! I wanted to create a show that had nothing to do with sex, a story that just existed with different characters, literally for no reason, except that they just happened to be gay.”

The series will definitely keep you on your toes. “This show has a lot of crazy characters, a lot of stereotypes are turned on their head, and I think people will see a refreshing take on queer people. Even outside of Ezra himself, our ensemble cast is incredible. Daniela killed it, as well as Kara and Veronica. The show puts forward women as much as it does gays, and it’s incredible. I’m excited to see people!” Ezra is your typical gay killer vampire who wants love and tries to date a human. Luke believes that although Ezra and Ian are meant, there may be more than one version of Ezra. “I think Ian is great for Ezra. Ezra needs someone calm and normal – he is crazy and needs this balance. Generally speaking, I don’t know! Maybe a serial killer? Just to keep it right? But I think Ezra can easily kill anyone!” This is definitely one way to spice up your romantic life. EZRA Premiering on OUTtv on October 1st, 2022.

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Luke Hachi frolicking with gay vampires in “EZRA” Photo credit: Courtesy Project Four PR.

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