Madison Shamoun plots family obscenity in new series, “The Lake”

Madison Shamun There is a long list of childhood summer favorites. “It simply came to our notice then. I used to enjoy visiting my family in Vermont. We will go to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory and pick berries. When I was in Pratin, Sook City was my destination. Then it changed to watching Broadway shows and going to theme parks. “Some adventures were more secretive than others.” I saw this boy in high school, but he was in a town before me where I lived. So I drove late at night to see him. It was a few hours drive, and my parents had no idea. ” The actress played Billy in a new series on Amazon, The heart. “The heart Really perfect summer comedy. It has something for everyone. Billy is the best girl ever. Very sure of myself. She became a parent at a young age. If I have 25% of some bills in 16/17, wow. I could take the world by storm. “

Billy is reluctant to reconnect with his birth father, Justin (Jordan Gavaris). “I can’t give too much, but she’s reluctantly spending the summer with her father, Justin.” Although Billy may have an awkward relationship with Justin, Madison and Jordan quickly become friends off screen. “It’s crazy because since our first chemistry fell on Zoom, the chemistry was there. We feel very lucky to have clicked from the beginning. And I’m obsessed with the guy. “Justin’s life has been complicated by centuries of rivalry with his honest sister Messi-May (Julia Steels). Madison thoroughly enjoyed each showdown between the two.” It was like watching a game of chess. “Everyone will win a little bit here and there, and the show takes place during the summer, so it’s a long game for them to play. It’s a lot of fun to watch!”

He was surprised to get the opportunity to sing in that series! “It was wild because I had no idea I was actually going to sing! I remember they asked me to sing some songs 8 times at the audition, but I blamed the creative team for the audition for throwing things at you. The scripts I read were Billy songs. “So it was crazy! We recorded multiple songs as a backup plan because getting rights / licenses can be difficult. And we did it in the studio about a week before we shot the scene ourselves. It was a whirlwind!” You can serve him a cover of Des’ree. “You have to be, ”Will be available on Spotify soon As for his plans for this summer, he’s getting tight. “I have something in the books for the summer of 2022. It will shoot for most of the summer, and I wish I could tell you more, but I still can’t talk about it.” For him, let’s hope the epic is not part of the family drama equation.

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Madison Simon plots family obscenity in new series, “The Lake”. Photo Credit: Ben Cope.