Matt Smith has revealed he is still recovering from a House of Dragons stunt

House of the Dragon: Everything You Need to Know!

Matt Smith is recovering after sustaining an injury while filming for a special stunt House of the Dragon.

Smith, who is best known for his role Who is the doctor? And the crown, confirmed this to be true when discussing the bloody battles, riding dragons and more stunts at the heart of HBO’s prequel series. “There were a lot of stunts involved, and it was challenging for quite a long time,” Smith elaborates The Hollywood Reporter 23 Aug “It’s a big 10 month shoot. So physically, it was really draining.”

The actor shed some light on his on-set injury, adding, “It was doing a stunt in the helmet. Hit the disc in my neck in Portugal. It’s a pain in the neck — literally, figuratively and physically.”

And Smith shared that he’s not out of the woods just yet, as his recovery process is still ongoing. “I’m actually looking forward to going to the physio at the moment to get some work done on it,” he noted. “But, you know, it’s all part of the process, on some level.”

Still, this injury was still not the hardest part of filming House of the Dragon, as Smith stated that it was the large group scenes that he found most “challenging”. He continued, “There are so many characters to cover and it takes days and you have to be sharp and focused.”


You can see the results of this stunt home of the dragon, which airs Sundays at 9 pm ET HBO And HBO Max.

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