Nikki happily shows her sex toy collection to her mother at the Welcome Home

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It’s a show-and-tell we don’t want to be a part of.

Nicky Glazer She was more than happy to give her mother, Julie, an up-close and personal tour of her sex toy collection on the May 1 episode. Welcome Home Nicki Glaser?. The mother-daughter pair stumbled upon the erm, the hidden treasure, while taking Nikki to her new St. Louis apartment.

“Dear God,” comedian Under-Mattress said of the discovery, “that’s where I have all my privacy.”

Julie Nicky’s father, in a confessional response to EJ, admits, “I wasn’t surprised he had these things. It was. Amount It was shocking. “

Nikki finally took that moment forward and used the opportunity to play a game called “Sex Toy or whatever you find in a nursing home.” Her roommate Andrew correctly identified a banyan cushion, but after catching something she guessed that “a breathing apparatus”, Nikki revealed, “no, it’s an ap-sy pump.”

More specifically এবং and thanks to Andrew এটি it was a Unused p – sy pump.

Julie, meanwhile, hasn’t joined the game, but she can’t be too upset. After all, he told Ezekiel that Nikki “must have a good collection.”

His reaction? “We’ll have to move your mattress sometime.”

See the happy moment for yourself by watching the whole thing Welcome Home Nicki Glaser? Episode Here. You can also get to know Nikki, Julie, EJ and many more cast by scrolling through the gallery below.

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