Olivia Rodrigo is rumored to be having an affair with Jack Bear in NYC.

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Get your driving license and peel up for these pictures.

Photos obtained by e! News, Olivia Rodrigo19, and Jack Bea, 25, was photographed smiling as he left the bar in New York City on April 25, sparking rumors of a romantic connection between the musicians.

The pair keep it comfortable but elegant for their visit to popular Italian restaurants. Olivia wore a leather blazer, black patent leather shoes, a quilted crossbody bag and sunglasses. Jack wore a cream colored hoodie with cargo pants and sneakers.

Last month, a source close to Jack said exclusively to Eke! News that the pair started chatting during the Super Bowl in February and since then they have been “watching each other”.

“She invited him to the Super Bowl party that she was DJing on the weekends and she went to support him,” the source said. “They hit it and suddenly hang out.”

Now, the same formula says e! The news is that they are continuing to have “a lot of fun” together.

Insiders add that while they both have busy work schedules and travel a lot, Jack and Olivia try to stay in touch and spend time together whenever possible.

What makes these two clicks for? “Jack [feels] That Olivia is really down to earth and she loves how low she is, ”the source explained. “It’s a good balance between them.”

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