Pete Davidson mentions ridiculous ‘Harry Potter’ as he confirms ‘SNL’ exit

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Pete Davidson Just made his last appearance as a full-time cast member Live Saturday night! The comedian, 28, pops up with Colin Jost in the Weekend Update, revealing that he’s really leaving – because Lorne Michaels “gave” him a sock (just like Dobby) Harry Potter, Who then became a free elf). “Hello Colin, and Che – and millions of people are watching to see if I can raise Kanye,” he said, referring to his girlfriend. Kim KardashianHer ex-husband Connie West.

Behind Pete Davidson at the update desk. #SNLFinale

– Saturday Night Live – SNL (bnbcsnl) May 22, 2022

“I never imagined it would be my life. Look at me when I started here – I was just a skinny kid and nobody knew what race I was,” he continued. “Now everyone knows I’m white because I’m so successful. “Look at me now — I’m getting old like an old banana. And Colin still looks like the only Kennedy that doesn’t drink,” Pete told the audience with a smile.

Colin then asked about the big news: “So, are you really leaving?” He asks. “Yeah man – Lorne mistakenly gave me a gift of socks so I’m free now,” Pete said to the crowd, paying tribute to Lorne and thanking him for the opportunity.

Pete Davidson has been seen in his last ‘SNL’ episode. (NBC)

“Of course Lorn – he’s amazing. He’s led us through the Covid era – even though he only wears a mask. Eyes wide shot Teams

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