Pete Davidson said goodbye to SNL in a touching letter

Pete Davidson cracks jokes about Kanye West

Live from New York, it Pete DavidsonIts official Live Saturday night Exit

He announced the comedian Leaving NBC Sketch Comedy Show Eight years later, before his final appearance on the May 21 episode. Pete, who does not use social media, had a friend Dave Cyrus Post a heartfelt message and throwback video to her Instagram account Featuring an animated hug with Pitt Jarrod Carmichael.

“Gerard sent it to me last night and it made me extremely emotional in the best way possible,” he said. Pete wrote the clip. “In the video I came back from my first update and sketching. It’s crazy to think I have to do my last thing today. “

Pete admitted when he first joined SNL At 20, he “had no idea” what he was doing because he was “not really a sketch performer.” He said he was “scared” to work alongside the show’s veterans Kenan Thompson Or a Kate McKinnon “On such a historic, prestigious occasion and platform.”

“I thought I’d just try my stand up and personal bits as I stand Weekend update I myself and I am very happy that I did, ”he continued in the message. “I’ve been able to share a lot with this audience and have literally grown up in front of your eyes. We have been together for good and bad, happiest and darkest times. “

Pete, 28, went to thank the show’s creator Lorne Michaels And “everyone SNL“She owes her life to them,

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