Raisa Vanessa 2022 unveils clothing for the modern day woman at New York Fashion

On a Friday night in September, the streets of Bushwick are covered in sequins, feathers and neon. Raisa Vanessa unveiling their Spring 23 collection, sandwiched between an outdoor cocktail party and an after party. Guests were instructed to arrive two hours before the start of the show, just enough time to be fashionably late, drinking and juicing under the flashy purple lights. The crowd was fun, young (not too young), and colorful. I spied a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbells. One woman, in particular, paired her fishnet stockings with a mini skirt and Doc Martens.

“It’s mine Excitement Messy clothes,” he says to his girlfriend, leaning over the bar.

Many guests spoke with European accents, kissed on both cheeks and applied lip gloss in the Ikea-esque restroom.

“That’s a lot of Turkish accents,” I heard someone say behind me as we were called to take our seats. Raisa Vanessa was created in 2011 by twin sisters (Raisa and Vanessa Sasson) in Istanbul, Turkey. Since then, Raisa Vanessa has performed here. Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week, featured in multiple magazine editorials and built a loyal customer and media following in Turkey. In 2019, Taylor Swift and Gabrielle Union both reportedly wore Raisa Vanessa gowns on the red carpet. Raisa Vanessa Emphasizes “designing versatile pieces with signature details such as strong shoulders and embellishments.

According to the sisters themselves, “The collections showcase the sister’s sartorial taste by mixing and matching fabrics and styles combined with technical tailoring to create a fusion of maximalist, dimensional yet sexy designs, enhancing women’s confidence and power.”

The program started with a short film, reminiscent of cinematography Sayambhu Muktapromits work call by your name It was visually beautiful, melodramatic and daring—suitable for the designs to follow.

The pair studied fashion design in London, and it certainly shows. Raisa Vanessa Spring Summer ’23 is, in a word, theatrical. Models had their hair smooth and slicked back as they strutted down the runway in golden sandals and lightweight dresses effortlessly elegant as Roman goddesses. A fusion of classical and breezy silhouettes with Funkadelic 70’s patterns and platform pumps. Accessories include ultramodern top hats, sunglasses, chains, and futuristic glasses combined with headbands, which hide some models’ eyes behind fabric.

There were fuchsias, blood oranges and royal blues, but perhaps the crown jewel of the night was the grand finale: two white-hot shift dresses and a cutout maxi gown with metallic and reflective detailing, chunky accessories and a white half-moon headpiece and band, the model’s eyes Covers and above all, adds glamorous charm.

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Raisa Vanessa unveils clothing for the modern day woman at the 2022 New York Fashion Week. Image Credit: Shal Malhotra.

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