Richard Simmons thanks fans for ‘kindness and love’ after new doc about him

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Richard Simmons Exercise guru Richard Simmons poses with a stuffed pink pig named Lucy in Los Angeles Richard Simmons, Los Angeles, USA

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Richard Simmons leads a group of Capitol Hill staffers and tourists in an exercise routine  Exercise guru, Richard Simmons promotes program to fight obesity, Washington DC, America - 24 July 2008 American fitness guru Richard Simmons brought his own brand of fitness before the WASH fitness test of the House Education Committee on Childhood Obesity.  The 60-year-old wants to see the government do more to tackle the problem of childhood obesity and push for increased school exercise programmes.

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Richard Simmons “He is eternally grateful for the love and gratitude he has received from all over the world,” a statement said. The New York Post By his representative, Tom Esty. The message came after the Fox broadcast TMZ Investigates: What Really Happened to Richard Simmons. Este said this post That Richard, 74, is “happy, healthy and living the life he’s chosen.” Later came the statement Sweat in old people the star Made his first public communication in six years.

“Thank you, everyone, for your kindness and love!” Richard posted on his official Facebook page on August 24. Simmons’ rep confirmed the message was written by the ’80s icon, which was signed with a simple message. “Love, Richard.”

Simmons retired from public life in 2014. According to the documentary, this isolation came from a painful knee operation. Dr. claims the fox. “And if he doesn’t get one, he can never exercise again. Now, this is the key to the disappearance of Richard Simmons. The prospect of surgery, sitting down, plunges Richard into a deep depression.” Simmons reportedly had surgery to replace his right knee in 2014, and the operation and recovery were so painful that he apparently chose not to have another.

“We still know Richard hasn’t had corrective surgery on his left knee yet,” complained Doc.

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