Ritu Arya of The Umbrella Academy teases Javan Walton’s future on the show

Umbrella Academy stars reveal their favorite cast newcomers

(Spoilers ahead for season three Umbrella Academy On Netflix)

Netflix’s third season Umbrella Academy Many new faces have appeared for the addition of The Sparrow Academy. But there was a non-sparrow who won their hearts – Ritu Arya and David Castaneda – who played Lila Pitts and Diego Hargreaves, respectively.

Javan ‘Wana’ Walton I had that person that I would have a lot of fun on set without a new character, ”said Castaneda exclusively! News. The Wave Alum (RIP Ashtray) joined the series as the naughty Stan, whom Leela Diego believed to be their son.

Although he was not very familiar with the work of the young actor HBO Drama, Arya e said! News that he “absolutely likes to work with her.”

“I had some fun time on the set with him,” she recalls. “She has a very nice, playful demeanor and I really like working with her.”

In the sixth episode of the season, Leela drops the bomb that Stan is not actually her and Diego’s child, but rather she borrowed it from a friend. Unfortunately, that friend will be very angry to know that Stan is the victim of the universe-end Kugelblitz with many sparrows towards the end of the season.

Thanks to Allison (Amy Rever-Lampman), Umbrellas and Sparrows defeated their villainous father Reginald Hargreaves (Pen Fiore) and were able to “reset” the universe, which means that in this new reality the causes of Kugelblitz could escape their fate.

What does this mean for Stan’s future?

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