See which Grammy nominees have earned a place in the finals of the American Music Competition

Kelly Clarkson’s sweet moment with a contestant in an American song contest

The American Song Contest The semifinals began with Good Night for Evergreen State.

Allen Stone of Washington won the jury vote and got an automatic place in the May 9 Grand Final. The singer, who performed “A Beat of Both”, was nominated for a 2012 Grammy nomination. McCallmore and Ryan Lewis Album The Heist.

Four more actors will join Allen in the finals from the April 25 episode, based on fan voting.

Evening highlights include Oklahoma K-pop artist Alexa who performed an energetic version of her song “Wonderland” Voice The winner Jordan Smith Who represented Kentucky with his song “Sparrow” and Ryan Charles of Wyoming who performed his country’s rap year worm “New Boot Guffin”.

Also, three artists from last week made it to the second semifinal round on May 2nd. The American Samoa Tunnel, North Carolina’s John Morgan and California’s Sweet Taboo advanced after a combined fan and jury vote. They are joined by Ada Leanne of Michigan, who won the automatic jury spot last week.

It was also announced that New York’s Anisa had won all the fan votes to book her place in the semifinals next week.

The number of final votes means that it has officially ended American Song Contest Road to Cisco, Jewel And Crystal method.

Chris Haston / NBC

A fan-exclusive vote will send four more artists to the finals. Fans at home can vote for the performance of their choice,

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