Should you still be wearing skinny jeans in 2022?

Where are we now?

Skinny jeans aren’t dead, but they don’t make the market too much – they’re just an alternative to the huge pantheon of denim that exists today. Go to any denim retailer’s website and click on fit. You will encounter much more variety than was easily found in the fit variety. For decades, the brand’s jeans had a maximum fit of three, whereas now most have five or more. Denim’s grandfather Levi is more fit than anyone.

Fits various J.Crew denim

We’ve reached a point where the term skinny jeans itself needs further clarification because, across most retailer’s fit spectrum, there are different levels of tightness within this previously specific segment. Take denim specialist RGT for example. They only produce what would normally be considered skinny jeans, jeans that embrace the wearer’s silhouette, yet they sell three distinct cuts. One is called skinny, the other two are slim-straight and tapered, but to the casual observer they are all skinny fitting jeans.

Another trend that has been paired with, and is associated with, skinny jeans, The rise of denim culture. Around the same time hipsters and rock stars began wearing skinny jeans, they began to take a deeper interest in the denim material in those jeans and how they were made. Japanese denim brands led the way in reviving twentieth-century milling and fabrication techniques that produced a higher quality, more durable product than was available in the American market before 2004. Now those same denim heads have taken on different fits, just as the market is big, but they have led the movement for both skinny and high quality denim.

Various Japanese denim brands

After being stuck around skinny jeans for almost 20 years – which is a long time for any fashion trend – they have become multiple “slim” fit. All of these fits have minor variations in cuts that make things stiff or loose in the buttocks, thighs, knees and ankles, as well as a variety of erection and waist. However, since 2004 someone would call them all skinny jeans because they all embrace the wearer’s silhouette. In an objective way Positive The result is that anyone who is interested in wearing skinny jeans can find a fit that works for them.

The persistence of the skinny jeans trend and its variety is enough proof that skinny jeans will be here, whether you like it or not. In addition to beards and coffee shops, they are a definite part of the millennial hipster movement that has taken hold in society. Pushbacks for loose fit may be ubiquitous in the fashion industry right now, but it’s still dwarfed by the slim fit market. Only time will tell whether society’s denim-fitting consent will go back as wide as it did in the 1990s, but for now the Slim default.

Should you wear skinny jeans?

The bottom line is, if you’re a skinny jeans fan, you should stick with them. We live in a unique fashion age where almost everything goes. This is as true for your jeans as it is for anything else. Check out pictures of any fashion editorial, any fashion event, or any street fashion photography and you’ll see the full range of denim fits. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing is cooler or colder.

Wearing skinny jeans is a modern adoption

From a style standpoint, the ideal fit for your jeans depends entirely on you. Tall, skinny guys probably look better with a slipper fit but can pull a wide leg with the right outfit. Boys with wide legs should probably wear a loose fit but they can pull the form fitting slim with the right outfit. The fit that looks best for you comes down to a combination of what your body looks like and what your preferences are. Wear what feels right because that’s the only true rule of fashion right now.

Skinny jeans are the common trend because there is something inherently pleasing about clean lines. If your jeans embrace your silhouette but are not tight, your legs have clean lines, not the opposite of good architecture. They match modern sewing, which is form fitting, which is always a barometer to fit into men’s fashion. If you are unsure which one to wear, this is the best place to start with a slim, straight leg. Maybe not quite skinny in terms of contemporary quality but certainly within that family.

A white skinny jeans outfit for spring

Ask most stylish men what best fit jeans and you’ll find a range of answers but in most cases the word “slim” will probably feature something. A moderate fit of that survey probably won’t show too far from the skinny. The point is, if you already like skinny jeans, you should stick with them because they match your overall style. Don’t force a new look on yourself because some style writers are pushing a new trend. If you are unsure what will fit, try a slim or skinny fit because fashion trends don’t last long if they don’t look objectively good.