‘The Masked Singer’s Night’ is a ‘Star Trek’ legend: the costume was a

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Masked Singer: Avocado.  CR: Fox

Masked Singer: Maize.  CR: Fox.  ©2022 Fox Media, LLC.

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Eater alert! masked singer returned, and one of the most beloved TV legends of all time was unveiled as Knight Season 8 Premier HollywoodLife spoke exclusively about the one and only William Shatner About why he wanted to do the show right now.

“Well, it’s a very popular show, and I have a lot going on. I thought it would give me a chance to do the show. It’s a fun event, worth doing in and of itself, but it also gives me a chance to talk to you and tell you that I’ve got a book out, a series that I’ve said. inexplicable. It’s a new season coming. There’s a watch I designed, two documentaries, another album, so it’s an opportunity to mention what I’m doing coming out in the next month or two. The show is a great springboard to give you an example of the fun that we can come up with,” said William.

William ShatnerWilliam Shatner as Knight in ‘The Masked Singer’. (Fox)

William dressed as a knight, a costume that included silver armor and a golden goose. The best part about the costume? “When I came out of it, it was so peaceful,” William exclaimed.

The Star Trek the actor Was brutally honest about how the costume wasn’t very easy to execute. “The costume was an absolute nightmare to perform in,” said William.

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