People visit high-end casinos partly for the gambling, but also for the glamour. It’s a chance to dress up your outfit best dress And revel in environments made famous by iconic real-life and fictional characters like the Rat Pack and James Bond. Of course these casinos still offer all the thrill of betting your money on various games. You may not have the money in your wallet to play with for high stakes, but you can still gamble and revel in the opulence that surrounds you.

These are some of the casinos that will provide you with exactly that kind of experience.

  1. Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco is known around the world as a playground for wealthy jetsetters and one of the places they like to play is the Casino de Monte Carlo. Although many do not realize that this spectacular complex was not originally built for the super-rich visitors and masses.

Rather, the then-ruling House of Grimaldi built it in the 1860s to persuade these rich men to move to a Monaco that was struggling financially at the time. Almost from the moment of its grand opening in 1863, the Casino di Monte Carlo did precisely that.

Since then it has been expanded on several occasions, but its old world architectural grandeur has been retained throughout. As well as every imaginable table and slot game, the modern complex boasts its own opera house – the Opera de Monte Carlo – and many lounge bars and restaurants.

This casino has featured in several Bond movies and don’t expect to enter in jeans and a t-shirt. This is a high-end casino and you must make your tailor poker clothes Accordingly (think a tuxedo or evening gown).

  1. Bellagio

Las Vegas is considered the gaming mecca of the world and that reputation is down to establishments like the Bellagio. Located on the famous Las Vegas Strip it was designed by Steve Wayne and cost a staggering $88 million to build when it opened in 1998.

Every penny of it is visible from the minute you arrive, though. The huge complex is set in grounds that include an eight-acre lake, a shopping mall with high-end fashion outlets each, and the famous fountain.

The Fountains of Bellagio have been featured in many movies, perhaps most notably Ocean’s 11, but are much more impressive when seen in real life. Gaming isn’t too shabby at this venue either.

It is home to a 156,000 square foot casino with thousands of slot games and nearly 200 tables. There is an exclusive area for high rollers called Villa Prive and a high-limit poker room that often hosts World Series of Poker tournaments.

  1. Marina Bay Sands

This stunning casino complex is home to Singapore and was officially opened in 2010. Costing a staggering $8 billion to build, the three towering towers with Sky Park atop them are a dominant feature of Singapore’s skyline.

There are plans to expand the complex, with the addition of a fourth tower which is due to be completed about four years from now. According to architect Moshe Safdie, the inspiration for its appearance was a deck of cards.

It is not only the unique and stunning architecture that makes Marina Bay Sands a great example of a high class casino. The casino block has around 1,400 slot games and 1,000 tables, the other two towers are an exhibition facilities block and a theater block.

There’s also a mall called Shoppes with hundreds of boutiques and its own canal, as well as an art science museum and the aforementioned Sky Park with a huge swimming pool.

  1. Casino Baden-Baden

Germany isn’t known as a hotbed of casino gaming, but the Black Forest spa town of Baden Baden is where you can find one of the most attractive casinos in the world. It has always been a resort that attracted the richest and most royal from across Europe, but these days it is more likely to attract wealthy gamblers. Like the Casino de Monte Carlo, this gaming house has a distinctly European feel. The building itself is designed Baroque style And the architect drew many ideas from the Palace of Versailles in France.

It was built in 1824 and the designer was Friedrich Weinbrenner. Casinos began to gain popularity among the French elite in the decade following France’s ban on casino gaming. Over the years, its blackjack tables, poker and roulette wheels – as well as other amenities such as the spa – have attracted stars such as Marlene Dietrich, who said it was the most beautiful casino in the world.

Combining all the joys of modern gaming Belle Epoque architecture, it is one of the best gambling establishments available anywhere. Make sure you wear a tie if you decide to visit. These are four of the most spectacular casinos the planet has to offer and visiting any one will guarantee you a unique and memorable experience. It’s a chance to gamble in the grandest settings and see how the rich live.

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