The Perfect Engagement Ring Buying Strategy

This may be one of our most important decisions; Buying an engagement ring comes with a lot of worries. Do you get the wrong one? What if your chosen ring size doesn’t fit? Here are some tips to help you get the right engagement ring for your future wife.

Here is the checklist:

  • Budget – Make sure you know your budget long before you go to the store
  • Style – Pay attention to the style of your partner’s favorite rings
  • Understand what four C’s mean
  • Which metal does your partner wear the most?
  • What kind of setting do you like the most?
  • Shop online and in person whenever you can
  • Check the same ring multiple times before you buy it
  • Consider any engraving
  • Check if there is a certificate of authenticity of what you are buying


The traditional amount set in the engagement ring is two or three months salary, but it will not work for everyone. Consider what your topline budget is and work on it. Remember that the higher the quality of a diamond and carat, the higher its price.


Bought an engagement ring

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When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, it is important that you do not overdo it. If you know, they don’t wear gold, and that’s because they don’t like it – don’t be tempted to get a gold band.

Consider whether you should look for vintage designs, modern pieces and minimalist style – there are many Engagement ring To test. If you are struggling with a style problem, you can enlist the help of your mutual friends to make sure you get the right thing.

Four Cs

One common set of Cs you will encounter when buying an engagement ring is color cut, carat and clarity. For maximum brightness, choose an ideal or nice cut. The clarity of VS1 or VS2 means that although there may be spots, they will not be noticeable in these grades and they are of good quality.

The carat weighs only, and while a higher one is more beautiful, other Cs are more important when working on a tight budget. For color, the ageless option is clear (see GI range), but pink, green and yellow are also options.


There are many more options than just gold or silver, which means you can find something unique for them. If they often wear silver, choose platinum or white gold – it’s a similar shade but different enough to stand out.


Bought an engagement ring

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The setting you choose should be based on the wearer’s lifestyle rather than the most beautiful – but a combination also works well. An active lifestyle is usually better with a diamond in a bezel – which means it is flush with metal and does not get stuck. This makes the diamond less likely to get caught in anything and may fall out of its setting.

Invisible ring settings mean the metal is barely visible and allows the stone to really separate, where a Tension ring setting Using pressure from the surrounding metal, the diamond is held in place. The setting makes an amazing difference in the ring.


Guessing rarely gives you the right size ring. Instead, when you can, find a ring that they often wear on that finger or middle finger and take it with you to a ring store appointment. They will be able to get you the right size or make a good guess based on the ring from the middle finger of the same hand.

Online and in-store

Make the most of the internet and shop for engagement rings online – but make sure you use stores too. When shopping online, start saving pictures of your favorite rings and once you have several options – call the store and make an appointment.

You can show them your favorite options and discuss your budget at the appointment. They will then be able to go through your saved items and show you more that can meet your needs. Once you have chosen one, come back and make another appointment to see it.


The final part of the puzzle that makes your chosen engagement ring even more special is the engraving of something inside. It can be a loving sentence, a date, a word – what makes it unique. Or you can get the classic trend and go for something completely unique like Ben and JLo: Jennifer Lopez honors fianc ব Ben Affleck with manicure matching engagement ring – Clichy Magazine.

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