TikTok’s favorite night is just rolling with the punches

Rigo CardinasWHO Went viral As TikTok’s most dashing night, there was basically a desire for more sea utility. “I applied to a nearby business called Pirates, which is also a performance venue. I went and applied in person and tried my best and they didn’t even call me. And then I was going to college and I got an email from a job recruitment site. The first thing they suggested was the Medieval Times. It took 30 seconds to apply. Within 24 hours, my boss called, so it looks like it was fixed. “He improved in the excitement of the crowd, especially among its smallest members.” At the end of the night’s final show we would get up and meet the audience and talk to everyone. The best part was talking to the little ones. Lots of little girls come in and they become princesses with dresses and fairy wings and accessories. The little ones are just screaming and they I’ve never been so excited in my life. I like to kneel down to talk to them personally. “

Rigo tries to be the inspiration he needed as a child. “I like to try to light a little flame there. I remember when I was nine years old and I thought it was the greatest thing in the world. Especially considering then, I was this little kid at school, endlessly bullied and just an absolute fool. Something like this was incredibly important to me. It will definitely inspire me a lot to get a knight on his knees, talk to me personally and ask me to follow your dream or something like that. I don’t know. I always try to tell the kids something important and they ask them what they want to do and tell them they can do it anyway. ” He even enjoys the challenge of learning to speak the language of his most intelligent co-star – his horse. “I have two horses now that I really care about and you know, they come and go and I’m not too worried about them going, because it’s just a performance horse cycle. I was really that old before. He was really funny. She was very passive and I loved her for being an absolute sweetheart. He is a very basic horse who just sat there and took some hugs here and there. Very nice, but not too much personality. This next guy was a little more challenging and that’s great. She was hired to ride him for me before I started falling in love with her. She is relatively new. He is only eight years old. She is a small child. I was constantly asking him to ride. He is something. I quickly fell in love. Many of my posts have stuff about him and if you check them out you will see some of our moments. He is a timid boy. I don’t know if I could have ever hugged him and run away with full affection. He never means, he’s just restless. She never lets me show her affection like my previous horse, which is part of the fun and challenge to try to love her, because she’s a little dork. ”

His main passion is aptly associated with medieval consciousness. “During my senior year of high school, I had a friend and I had a literature teacher who was also a swordsman. He gave us extra credit for seeing his performance at the Ren Fair. This was my first visit and we were going to tour the Rain Fair before the performance started. We check a lot of crafts. We both fell in love with the thing. I fell in love with a lot of crafts, especially metal work in the beginning. After we graduated, we spent that summer trying our hand at blacksmithing and all such crafts and working our way up. I quickly converted to leather work and started making my own suit armor. “By chance, he discovered a local leather store and joined the team. The store became a place of friendship and creativity.” I love the store dynamic. Calm and perform every night.I think I need it a little bit now in my life.It allows me to create our own schedule.We can work whenever we want.My friends and I usually stay there till three or four in the morning, like in the morning. We are definitely the night owl and it gives us more time to work on our projects. We both love it and we like to do as much as possible. There is always something to do. We never get a moment where we are, There is nothing to do. There is no project in mind. ‘ The mobility of the store is definitely going to be better for me to work on other things like going to the gym a lot more and we will be able to work at home very soon. It would be nice to be able to hike and literally do anything. ” He has not ruled out a career in leather crafting. “I’ve been doing this for quite some time. I don’t know the rest of my life. I’m only 22. We’ll see how things pan out, but I definitely want to do it for a while.” I take it really well and I absolutely adore it. I’m nowhere near the amount of things I want to make. Hopefully this is something I can turn into a full career and maybe, you know, to improve our business a ton and With all this TikTok staff it has been great, because it definitely brings a bit more business and a little more fandom to the shop of the people who have invested in all of our crafts and creations. Funny. ”

With a strong gymnastics background, Rigo also feels the pull towards stunt work. Acting is another big love of his. “I absolutely adore it. I am definitely a straightforward actor. I like to get into a character. I started method acting in elementary high school. I always had to do something for straight play acting. I have maintained my character before and after. It’s just something about the dramatic piece. It blows off the steam for me being able to give loose like that and not be like myself for just a bit. It’s amazing. “For now, he’s waiting to see where the road takes him.” It happens because the bigger your name, the more people will be inclined to call you and sadly this is what happened. Before this TikTok fame I was obviously the same person. So it doesn’t make much difference to me Depending on how big it is, even if it is not, I would be better off just working in a leather shop and living a normal life. Going to do and moving away from LA. That’s just what the terms were. And then of course after a month everything happens and it throws things off track, but in a good way. So my long term goal is basically to roll with a punch. Because I If my U. I used to sit, I just used to sit in the leather shop. But if I get a chance, I will definitely take it. ” As a self-described “22-year-old dung beetle trying to make its way into the world”, her humility and low-earth elegance will surely make every turn of her life a new and exciting discovery for her.

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TikTok’s favorite night is just rolling with the punches. Image copyright: Veronica Jean.