TikTok’s POV Queen Bailey opens up about overcoming spin harassment

Bailey spin Glad to be known as TikTok’s POV Girl. “It simply came to our notice then. I was one of the first creators to start posting only POVs every day and I didn’t post anything else. I’ve worked on creating new series every day and building a stronger fanbase each time a video is uploaded. I am so glad that my content is appreciated and liked by my fans because they are the whole reason for me to continue! I’m glad I’m the girl you want to see when a funny skit! The format has provided another portal for both acting and the magic of his imagination. ” I started creating it when I saw someone on your page doing it for myself, and I thought it seemed like a fun way to create content. I’ve always loved stories, growing up, actually living in my own little fantasy world. I took it and put it live on all my videos. I have always dreamed of being in love or thinking about how the situation could play out in different ways. I also loved theater; The play was something that also inspired me to create my own story. POVs have become a secret way of expressing myself using my own experiences to manage videos. “

TikTok finally acknowledged his efforts and verified him. It was a moment of pure excitement for Bailey. “It simply came to our notice then. I’ve always dreamed of it, and I’ve been working hard for two years to achieve it. Little did I know that this was going to happen, which made it even more tragic. At that moment, I felt so rewarded that I was finally recognized as a great creator. Seeing the blue check next to my name made everything seem more real because sometimes I still can’t process how many followers I have. He wants to use his platform to create a shelter for his 12 million followers “I plan to create a safe haven for my followers without trial. One of my goals is to make people laugh through my content, comedy and positivity! I want to put forward the best message to make sure everyone feels included. I plan to start showing more of my talents that I have hidden, such as singing and playing the guitar! ” His ability to make his fans laugh brings him immense joy. “I love making other people happy. When someone else smiles, I get a smile too. Many fans have told me that they wait for my content every day and I always brighten their mood. It’s amazing to know that my videos can make someone’s day better. I love knowing that people appreciate my funny comments and sometimes weird actions because I always try to make an impact. Even if the effect is as small as laughter, it means something bigger to me.

Bailey has deeply personal connections with her followers wanting to feel safe and loved. “From elementary school to high school, I dealt with a lot of bullying and frustration. To this day, I still feel how intimidated I am because it has a lifelong impact on everyone. I hear other people comment on me. They made fun of my weight, acne, voice and everything in between. I was overwhelmed by what they told me and I began to accept it. I never want anyone to feel like me, sometimes I don’t even want to live anymore. Bullying has a huge impact on people and you may not see the immediate effect, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. “Healing was a difficult process, but now he’s boldly opening a new chapter.” It took me a few years to come back from. Other people’s negative comments led me to believe negative things about myself and the only way was to remain steadfast. Got people who supported all my endeavors. I’ve moved to a new place where I’ve always wanted to live just to experience more of what the world has to offer. When something bad happens to you, it’s hard to remember how you feel forever. Not for. Teaching myself to let things go and find healthy ways to deal with emotions allows me to finally move forward happily. ”

He wants to show his fans his authentic self so that they can feel confident about who they want to be. “I have a lot of personality in my videos and I’m never afraid to show them.” I try to show my followers that I am a real person and not just another content creator on the internet. I want to inspire people to make their dreams come true and I believe I have already done so. I always try to go with a healthy message to my fans, be it for myself or for the positivity of the body. I know that my content gives people more ideas about what they need to create and how they need to expand, how they interact with everything. “Now, Bailey could be the role model she always deserves.

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TikTok’s POV Queen Bailey opens up about overcoming spin harassment. Image copyright: Dylan Luzano. Hair: Kyle Hennessy. Makeup: Anton Khachaturian. Stylist: Mariposa.