Unpacking the explosive fight between Kendall Jenner and Scott Dixon over the Kardashians

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Since then The first teaser has been omitted The Kardashians In March, we are preparing ourselves for an explosion between Kendall and Scott. And, in the May 12 episode, we found out exactly what caused the unexpected fall in a usually close couple.

When Scott-Those who followed seemed excluded Courtney Kardashian And Travis BarkerIts engagement-Kardashian-Jenner faces the mother Chris Jenner Regarding his invitation status for Thanksgiving dinner, he also invited Kendall not to invite him. To celebrate his birthday.

“I didn’t really invite anyone to my birthday,” the supermodel responded. “It was empty.”

When Scott insisted that “everyone has arrived”, Kendall doubled over, noting that neither Chris nor Sister Courtney was present at the bash. However, since Scott made it clear that he was not talking about his intimate birthday dinner, about his official birthday party at a club, Kendall realized his mistake.

“Literally, only Courtney and Travis came,” he responded. “It wasn’t a party.”

Still, Scott retorted, “Kendall won’t invite me to a birthday party in a million years.”

Although Chris tried to defend that it wasn’t a “birthday dinner,” Kendall was convinced that the meal was actually to celebrate his birthday. In turn, Scott Point blankly asked, “So, why wasn’t I invited?”

According to Kendall, the dinner was for his friends as well as Chris, Courtney and Travis. “You invited everyone except me?” He replied.

“Just because the court was there,” Kendall responded.

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