Today we’d like to share tips on changing your home’s HVAC filter. The air conditions inside your home are strongly influenced by the air filter, which may look like a small cardboard box filled with materials similar to coffee filters. If you regularly change the filter in your air conditioner, your equipment will work properly and your energy costs will be lower Air pollutants can circulate freely without filters, exposing you to potentially dangerous allergens and particles that can eventually make you sick. According to estimates, HVAC systems with clean filters can operate 5-15% more efficiently than those with dirty filters.

The importance of changing HVAC filters

As air filters age and deteriorate, they can leak fibers and other materials into the moving parts of your AC system. This can result in technical errors that damage the quality of your home. By making sure your HVAC air filters are in good condition and clear of excess debris and dust, you can prevent costly repairs to your air conditioning system.

Extending the lifespan of your HVAC system is one of the main benefits of replacing your air filter. Periodic HVAC maintenance, such as regular cleaning of your air filter, can help your equipment last longer. You can also prevent unwanted damage to your unit by regularly inspecting and changing its air filter. Therefore, monitoring your system from the beginning can reduce the incidence of HVAC problems.

If you have pets or live in an urban area, it is recommended to change your air filter once every two months. Replacing your air filter is a straightforward procedure that doesn’t require expert help, and air filters are usually affordable. Most of the time, replacing the filter just requires sliding the old one out and the new one in

When to Change Your Home’s HVAC Filter

Several variables can affect how often you should change your air filter. The general recommendation for less expensive fiberglass filters is every 30 days, but for more expensive pleated filters, the recommendation can last up to 6 months. Generally, companies recommend you replace the basic 1″–3″ air filter every 30-90 days. Sometimes the size of the HVAC filter can affect the replacement time.

While some filters are designed to last up to 6 months, others must be replaced every month. Lifetime can increase with air filter density. In general, filter thickness is more important than branding. MERV ratings should also be considered.

  • The frequency of use in your home will determine how often you need to change your filter. To change your filter, however, you should do so at least once every 90 days in a typical suburban home. You may also benefit from changing the filter more frequently than once a month during periods when you use your system regularly.
  • If you have pets, your HVAC filter may need to be changed more frequently. That’s because pet dander and hair quickly clogs air filters, making them work less efficiently and requiring you to change them every two months.
  • Change furnace filters often in homes where family members are allergic to dust, pets, or both. The frequency of cleaning or filter replacement should be increased in proportion to the amount of clean air required. It may need to be changed every 45 days if you have an allergy sufferer in your family.
  • The number of residents will affect the air quality in your home. Air filter replacement frequency for a person without pets will be significantly less than for a household with children and several pets.
  • If you use a less expensive fiberglass filter and your HVAC system operates almost regularly, you should change your filter every few weeks. This is especially important to remember if you have a system that runs almost nonstop.


A clogged HVAC filter can reduce airflow or even cause a complete lack of air infiltration. This makes your HVAC system work harder to maintain your home’s temperature, increasing your power costs. If you have any problems with air quality, you should talk to an expert as this may indicate that you need to upgrade your system. We recommend using such reliable residential air filter suppliers Custom filters directly Buy high quality air filters online.

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